Arp 279

ARP 279 2015 Jan 8

Object:    ARP 279    (NGC 1253 & 1253A) Date:               2015 January 8
Peculiarity:   Interacting double galaxies
Constellation:           Eridanus Time & altitude:        20.00 UT      36º
Catalogue data: Seeing (5 high):                               3/5
            R.A:                3h 14m Transparency (5 high):                   2/5
            Dec:                -2º 49 Telescope:                 0.5m f4.1  Dob.
            Magnitudes:  11.7 & 14.4 Eyepiece:      8mm Ethos    x260
            Galaxy sizes (mins):   5.3 x 2.3 & 1.3 x 0.8 Filters:            Lumicon Deep Sky


Seen in deteriorating conditions ahead of approaching front and a rising gibbous Moon.  Trickier to see than the catalogue magnitude of 11.7 suggests.   1253A was not seen at all.   1253 is a narrow oval elongated E-W with a 12m. star in the halo at its W end. The core and halo are mottled with ragged edges. Faint extension to the SE at the E end.