Arp 27

ARP 27 2015 May 18

Object:            ARP 27   (NGC 3631) Date:               2015 May 18
Peculiarity:    Spiral with one heavy arm.
Constellation:           Ursa Major Time & altitude: 22.40 UT     62º
Catalogue data: Seeing (5 high):                               4/5
            R.A:                11h 21m Transparency (5 high):                   3/5
            Dec:                +53º 10 Telescope:     0.5m f4.1 Dob.
            Magnitude:                10.4 Eyepiece:      8mm Ethos      x260
            Galaxy size (mins):  5 x 4.8 Filters:            None.


There is a bright core set in an extensive circular haze which really needs AV to see it well. Closer examination of the halo reveals condensations in the NE and diametrically opposite in the SW.