Arp 225

ARP 225 2015 Jan 20

Object:    ARP 225     (NGC 2655) Date:               2015 January 20
Peculiarity:    Galaxies with amorphous spiral arms.
Constellation:   Camelopardalis Time & altitude: 00.50 UT     63º
Catalogue data: Seeing (5 high):                               3/5
            R.A:                8h 56m Transparency (5 high):                   3/5
            Dec:                +78º 14 Telescope:                 0.5m f4.1  Dob.
            Magnitude:    10.1 Eyepiece:      8mm Ethos    x260
            Galaxy size (mins):  4.9 x 4.1 Filters:            None


There is a distracting 7th mag star following close (about half the eyepiece field distant), essential to keep it out of view.  Galaxy has a bright stellar core immersed in a faint halo. No structure seen. Elongated 2:1 in an EW direction.  Drifting patchy cloud interfering.