Arp 331

ARP 331 2015 Sep 19

Object:   ARP 331   (NGCs 379 to 388 Pisces Cloud) Date:               2015 September 19
Peculiarity:    Chains of galaxies.
Constellation:           Pisces Time & altitude:   23.00 UT      67º
Catalogue data: Seeing (5 high):                               4/5
            R.A:                1h 08m Transparency (5 high):                   5/5
            Dec:                +32º 24 Telescope:     0.5m f4.1 Dob.
            Magnitudes:  see notes Eyepiece:      17mm Ethos       x120                                                                8mm Ethos      x260


A rare night of very transparent air. In the zenith M31 is perhaps the best I’ve seen from England. Spent 90 minutes studying the crowded Arp 331 field. From left to right across the sketch:

NGC 384 14.0m. Easy, a well defined elliptical, major axis aligned NW-SE.

NGC 388 15.4m. A faint, round spot.

NGC 385 13.9m. Easy, round with bright core.

NGC 375 15.7m. W of 386, is not part of the Arp object. Faint, round spot like 388.

NGC 386 15.4m. Similar to 375.

NGC 382 14.2m. Easy, round, adjacent to 383, the pair are not in contact.

NGC 383 13.4m. Largest and brightest of the group, round, x3 the diameter of 382.

NGC 380 13.6m. Slightly elliptical, major axis aligned NW-SE.

NGC 379 13.9m. Easy, elliptical, major axis aligned N-S.

Searched for but did not see NGC 387 17.2m and UGC 679 16.6m.

NGC 381 is not in the list because it is a star cluster in Cass.