Arp 248

ARP 248 2016 Apr 9

Object:    ARP 248    (Wild’s Triplet) Date:               2016 April 9
Peculiarity:    Appearance of fission.
Constellation:           Virgo Time & altitude:  23.50 UT         32º
Catalogue data: Seeing (5 high):                               3/5
            R.A:                11h 47m Transparency (5 high):                   4/5
            Dec:                -3º 50 Telescope:     0.5m f4.1 Dob.
            Magnitudes:   14.1, 15.3 & 15.9 Eyepiece:      8mm Ethos      x260
            Galaxy sizes (mins):   3.1×0.7,  0.8×0.5 & 0.5×0.4 Filters:            None


Difficult. It is 6 mins S of a glaring 7.6m star and it is hard to keep it out of view.

MCG-1-30-33 (14.1m) could be seen on-and-off with DV as an irregular patch. The structure was only apparent using AV. I have drawn it as two overlapping ovals both aligned EW.  These appear to correspond to tidal tails streaming away in opposed directions. MCG-1-30-32 (15.3m) was a similar single EW oval, but was only glimpsed with AV.

MCG-1-30-34 (15.9m) was not seen, nor was there any sign of the bridges of material between the three member galaxies.