Messier 62

62 final

Object:   M62  (NGC 6266) Date:               2018 August 2
Type:  Globular cluster
Constellation:           Oph/Sco border Time & altitude:          21.50 UT      6º
Catalogue data: Seeing (5 high):                               2/5
            R.A:                17h 01m Transparency (5 high):                   4/5
            Dec:                -30º 07 Telescope:     0.5m f4.1  Dob.
            Magnitude     6.6 Eyepiece       17mm Ethos              x120
            Size (mins)    14 Filters:            None


Burnham’s has M62 listed as in Scorpius, Megastar as Ophiuchus.

This is four degrees S of M19. Seen through foliage. At this altitude all I can do is say I’ve seen it. Scaling from my sketch, the diameter is only about 2 arc minutes, so I’m only detecting the central core.